6 Insta-worthy photos for every high school senior

Evansville Senior Photos March 07 2021 172640

Posed portraits

After all, isn’t that what your parents are after? We’ll make sure you get a few smiling, posed portrait shots to choose from.

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Themed shots

Whether you were a student body officer, the star quarterback, a stellar pianist, or even the class clown, we’ll get a few shots that reflect the activities that made your high school experience unique.

Evansville Senior Photos May 11 2021 173524

Goofy photos

Once we’re done taking the posed photos, let loose a little! Stick your tongue out, jump around, take some intentionally cheesy photos

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Formal shots

Now’s your chance to get all dressed up. Bring along a more formal outfit for some beautifully elegant shots.

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Candid photos

We’ll make sure to get a few photos of you genuinely smiling, laughing, and just being your authentic self.