What a drive home

I went today to pick up my friend at the airport in St. Louis. While I was there waiting the snow storm hit…. and hot it did. It was slow going coming home… 4 hours slow going. Traffic kept slowing as we approached Mt. Vernon, IL so it always seemed like we were an hour away. The scariest thing all night was when we came up behind a black semi whose lights were all covered with snow, so all I could see what a black outline till we got close then he was kicking up enough snow that I could see a thing. Got past hime when we got to the Greyville exit when we finally had some light. Saw several vehicles off the side of the road. At one point, when we finally made it into Indiana, just as we past the MotoMart on Cynthiana Road we stated to fish tale a bit, I thought we were going to end up on the side of the road. I wouldn’t suggest driving in this stuff unless you had too. My friend did shoot some video for me to show you but I don’t think it truly gives you the full effect of how bad it was.

Since it took me a couple days to get this posted; Ive had a chance to go out and do some shooting out in the show too. Enjoy!






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