Videogames, Volleyball, & Love

Natalie and Ashton were so much fun to get to know. I can honestly say the cosmic forces that brought them together were working extra great that day.  So let me see if I get this all right. Ashton is from Canada and played World of Warcraft online with a couple guys here in Evansville.  So after getting to know each other online the guys decided to make the trip to Canada to meet their buddy for the first time. Ashton later decided to attend USI and thus made the move. Now as it would turn out Natalie and Ashton both play and coach Volleyball at Metro Sports and this is where their story begins.  Natalie had moved back from Missouri after attending college and got a job coaching at Metro.  I’m not sure who started there first but according to Natalie, he was pretty much the only guy there. The day of the wedding, I met up with Natalie and her mom at Fusion Spa where she was getting her make up done, then to the Emporium for hair.  This is where I got to meet all the bridesmaids and Ashton’s mom and sisters.  Now I had gotten to meet Natalie’s family prior to the wedding but this was the first time meeting his family seeing they were coming in from Nova Scotia.  His family was as warm and welcoming as hers.  Everyone was so much fun to hang out with. The ceremony was at Neu Chapel on the University of Evansville campus and like always you couldn’t ask for a more beautiful place to have a wedding.  There was so much emotion at this wedding.  I had gotten to know Natalie’s dad over the past couple month when he’d come to pick up save the date card and engagement photos and whatever. I honestly thought that I would see some tears from him while walking her down the aisle.  He held it together pretty good.  Ashton’s family, however, I learned quickly were criers.  I loved it.  Natalie gave his mom a gift and simply brought her to tears, which in turn brought his sisters to tears.  There was so much love between everyone it was amazing. I could go on and on about Natalie and Ashton and their families but I’ll let you go and enjoy the images.  Be sure to congratulate Natalie and Ashton in the comments below. evansville-wedding-photographer-6-7-14-084919evansville-wedding-photographer-6-7-14-104203evansville-wedding-photographer-6-7-14-120529evansville-wedding-photographer-6-7-14-123027evansville-wedding-photographer-6-7-14-132256evansville-wedding-photographer-6-7-14-132348evansville-wedding-photographer-6-7-14-133841evansville-wedding-photographer-6-7-14-140134evansville-wedding-photographer-6-7-14-141752evansville-wedding-photographer-6-7-14-142201evansville-wedding-photographer-6-7-14-144533evansville-wedding-photographer-6-7-14-145703evansville-wedding-photographer-6-7-14-154133evansville-wedding-photographer-6-7-14-154139evansville-wedding-photographer-6-7-14-154211evansville-wedding-photographer-6-7-14-160112evansville-wedding-photographer-6-7-14-161951evansville-wedding-photographer-20140607-163519evansville-wedding-photographer-6-7-14-164522evansville-wedding-photographer-6-7-14-165438evansville-wedding-photographer-6-7-14-165624evansville-wedding-photographer-6-7-14-165717evansville-wedding-photographer-20140607-185708evansville-wedding-photographer-20140607-191438evansville-wedding-photographer-20140607-192428evansville-wedding-photographer-20140607-192641evansville-wedding-photographer-20140607-193015evansville-wedding-photographer-20140607-203123

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