The Straight and Narrow

This is exactly what the roads over near Corydon are not…well at least straight. My buddy and his wife went camping this past weekend. I got a phone call Sunday morning, his truck broke down. I had to run over to Corydon and help him out. Well I get over there and what a view. They have hills over there and some incredible views and very whindy roads. They have all these place along the raod where you can pull off and enjoy the view. Well that’s what i thought they were for. Turns out they’re there for you to pull over a hurl from driving there raods. I was so sick my the time I got to there campsite.

Anyway, after we got the truck running and he got his camper all packed up, we stopped to eat at a small place called the Overlook. This you can see why they named their place that.

Of coarse the weekend was all fun and games. Just kidding. I spend Saturday with Makenzie and Aaron. It was a humid day but it was probably the c oolest wedding day I’ve had all Summer. We were worried about rain but got lucky and didnt get any all day. It waited till everyone was safely at the reception and all the portraits had been taken. I wanted to share some of those images with you all.

Im a sucker for a teary eyed bride.

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