Shooting with a friend

OK I know I said Amy and Ryan were my last wedding this year and they were MY last wedding. I got a phone call from Daniel Knight of Studio B a few days after their wedding asking if I would help him shoot a wedding. His second shooter was booked on another job. I try not to pass up chances to shoot where I have no responsibility at all so I went and hung out with Daniel and his intern Jenna on Saturday the the 23rd. Again another wonderful weekend great weather and wonderful locations to shoot. The couple were a great couple to work with. Tara and Brooks were like working with one of my own couples. You would have thought I’d gotten to know them over the past year.
I got to shoot at Neu Chapel on the U of E campus. I was surprised to see the changes they’ve made over the years. This is the first time I’ve been there in a couple years.  The reception was absolutely beautiful at the Evansville Country Club.  I also got to work with Garrette the other half of Eyenamics Productions and with Saundra Hadley from Planning Forever Events.  It was like having the gang together for this one.  Anyway, enjoy the images.  There will be more coming up form my own couples soon.










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