Saying Goodbye

For those who haven’t heard, my dad passed away last Saturday, June 2, 2012.  He was 86. He had been fighting off and on the past 4 years with cancer and last October we had learned it moved to his lungs. If dad was ever in any pain from it he never let on.  I said it more than once in the last week of his life, that we should all be as lucky as he was.  He never really had any health problems until he turned 80 and was rather independent till that last 3 or 4 weeks of his life.  It wasn’t til about 5 weeks ago that he needed a walker.

I moved dad into assisted living Jan of 2011 and I know he would never admit it… I believe he liked it there.  The nurses and staff told me he would get up everyday and help several of his neighbors that were in wheelchairs and make his rounds to see everyone.  Apparently, flirting with the ladies was one of his past times.

I am very thankful he got to see his grandson before he left us.  Just wish my mom could have met him.  I’m going to miss them both.


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