Raves from Lauren’s mom

Well in the last post you got to see Lauren and Aaron’s beautiful wedding and I told you how excited she was about her wedding photos.  Well I just had to share a couple emails I received from Lauren’s mom.  The first is one I got the day after our meeting to go over the wedding day schedule.





Matt….you continue to touch our family.
Lauren & Aaron loved meeting with you yesterday.  She said excitedly:  “Mom!  Matt met with us for an HOUR!”  She loves your willingness to shoot outside even if it’s raining. 
She told me:  “Of all the aspects about our wedding, Matt is my FAVORITE!”   Now, that’s saying a lot….given she has an awesome dress, eyenamics…..those cylinder vases she is crazy about…kettle korn (ha ha  so excited!) & some other cool aspects.
Anyway….  you are such an important aspect of her experience.  I awoke this morning & wanted to thank you again.  You are so totally personalizing it, & causing her to feel just how we want her to feel.   It’s not just the wedding day, it’s the anticipation leading up to it….the total package!!!
I will highly recommend you to anyon
e who asks, but that won’t be necessary because you already has that top rate status!


Needless to say I felt no pressure at all after reading that.  =)



Then the day after the wedding I got this email.  They had only seen a small handful of images.

Just want you to know that this morning Lauren said your pictures surpassed all her dreams.  The entire experience was almost dreamlike!  The day was wonderful, & I felt like you were family just shooting some of our shots….in a way….in another way, I felt like we were movie stars in Hollywood—-a perfect mix of both if that makes any sense.  You have such a way a being discreet & non invasive…helping your clients to feel comfortable.We had so much fun!!!It couldn’t have gone more perfectly & we just want to thank you for it all!We totally trusted you on it all & felt VERY comfortable that you would get the shots you thought would be great.
I thought it was all incredible….and if my little girl is happy, then I am ecstatic….so if she is ecstatic…I’m over the moon!



I always love when my clients are thrilled with my work.




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