New Full Time Job

Well I said Id never do it, but I did. I found me a new full time job. I couldn’t pass it up. It’s a 40 hour a week position with excellent benefits. Jobs like this don’t come along everyday so I couldn’t say no.
Now I will admit that I thought the job was going to be alot easier than it has actually turned out to be, but Im sure Ill get used to it. I really thought I was going to be sitting around all day only having to do a little each day, but wouldn’t you know it just about the time I sit down to rest I have to get right back up and redo what i just did… and I do this all day long. I mean I get little rest. I barely make it through my breaks without being disturbed. So far I’ve had to come back from lunch early everyday.
Anyway, Im sure by now you’re probably wondering what my new job it. Well being the photographer that I am I have taken or had someone take a pic of my doing my new job.


But it would be a full time position though… just not for me.

3415 Rodenberg Ave | Evansville Indiana | 47720