Natalie & Mike – Downtown Evanville Wedding

It was the summer of 2010 that brought Natalie and Mike back together.  They had dated off and on through out Junior High and High School till they went off to college.  Then one night they were at the drive in with friends and saw each other and ultimately rekindled their relationship and spent the summer hanging out.  “Shortly after we started hanging out we knew we didn’t want to date anyone else” said Natalie.

The wedding day was a perfect clear blue sky day that started off in Newburgh at Impulse Salon.  Natalie and the girls were all in their chairs chatting while getting their hair done.  Mimosas’ were in hand, well except the bride, who was enjoying her coffee from Starbucks.  Once the hair was all done we made out way to Holy Rosery where the girls processed with make up and getting dressed.  The bride got her dress from House of White in Newburgh and was a style that I can say I had never seen.  It was a elegant two part dress.  The first part was a white satin dress and the next part was beaded lace that went over. She was going for a Gatsby “inspired” wedding and this dress I think fit right in.

The reception was at Kirby’s in the fountain square in the historic art district of Evansville.  We started off there doing portraits of the wedding party out in front of the Alhambra Theater. The area also lent itself to the Gatsby feel of the reception.

When the day was done, I can say it was a very enjoyable day and a Natalie and Mike were a wonderful couple to spend it with.



MohamadSeptember 8, 2015 - 10:44 pm

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