Lindy and Thomas Mt Carmel Wedding

Well considering the summer we’ve had this wedding day started off rather interesting. I was on route to the salon when I got a call from Lindy saying they had to go to the reception hall to do hair and make up. Apparently, the storm that went through earlier that morning knocked the power out on the side of town where the salon was. Now I know that may sound bad but the rest of the day went very well. The ceremony was at St Marys in Mt Carmel with the reception following at the city hall.

One of my favorite moments of their day was when Lindy was walking down the aisle. I turned to get a shot of Thomas’ reaction to seeing his bride for the first time and He was biting his lip hard. I could tell he was working hard to hold it together. I always love those moments when I get a chance to truly capture how the couple feel about one another.

They are defiantly one of those couples that are nuts about each other and were wonderful to work with from their engagement session all the way to their wedding day. Thank you guys for letting me be a part of your big day. I had so much fun working with you. Congratulations!


Mt. Carmel, IL

Videographer –

Decorations – Evelyn Jennings – Wedding Day Creations

DJ – Randy Allen – Partytunes dj service

3415 Rodenberg Ave | Evansville Indiana | 47720