Lilly is here…

Thats the text message I received yesterday after one that didn’t go through the first time. Lilly was born Tueday July 1st at 11:36 am. She was 6 lbs. 18 1/2 inches long. For what its worth shes halk the size of my cat. HEHEHE Well I went to visit this afternoon and got to hold her, no pics of that. I was rather nervous having something that fragile in my big clumpsy hands. She was so cute. I’m always amazes at how small their fingers and hands are when they are that young.

I showed up with my camera in hand right when the hospital photographer showed up. It’s always alittle awkward showing up with my camera at someone elses job. But oh well.







I took off just before her dinner time. You see how peaceful she looks there. Well she didn’t get all cranky but she looked a little annoyed when mom took the pacifier out of her mouth.

Anyway, I have a client all the way till her wedding. We’ve plannedthe baby sessions, the senior pics and wedding so I got a lifer here I think.

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