Totally Unprepared

Well I told you I would explain why my blog posts are behind.  Well on April 7, 2012, My girlfriend Annemarie and I became parents.  Our son Kieran Joseph Henry was born at 9:22 am.

I don’t know how many people over the past 9 months told me “you won’t be prepared for how you’ll feel about the baby until you first hold him or it’s totally different when its your kid.  Well they were so right. I wasn’t prepared at all for how I felt about him.

Annemarie called me Friday April 6th at 2 in the afternoon and so calmly told me her water had broken and was heading to the hospital.  I got there about 230 and met up with her in the labor ER.  From there they lead us, well they wheeled her, to our room.  then the waiting began.  I was amazed how calm she was through the waiting.  I remember once a nurse asking her how her pain was and she replied “7”. I thought are you kidding me.  She hadn’t given any sign of being in pain.  Oh yeah this was before they gave her any pain meds.  Well about 530 Saturday morning she was finally dilated fully.  Then the fun began.  After an hour and half the decision was made for a c section.  I was handed a white haz-mat suit, booties, a hat and mask.  (no I didn’t get a pic”. I forgot, was kinda busy.  Sorry)

They took us back to the operating room where I was seated next to Annmarie.  All of a sudden one of the doctors told me to get my camera ready this was going to happen fast.  Then the surgeon told me to look over here and there is he was. Then I heard him crying and that’s all there was.  Thank god for auto focus cause from that point I couldn’t see much.

At that moment I understood what everyone was talking about.  I couldn’t believe how much I loved him and that was before they cleaned him up and handed him to me.  I never thought someone would ever have this kind of power over me.  I’ve been so amazed at how I can just hold him and watch him sleeping and be so perfectly content. Needless to say I could go on and on about him and the whole experience but I won’t.  I’ll just share his photos with you.



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