Jamie and Cris – Bauerhaus Wedding.

I met Jamie and Cris back in February.  Actually the day before I left for my yearly convention in Vegas.  This girl stayed so busy with school and her wedding planning that we did their engagement session about 2 weeks before the wedding day.  Ok maybe 3 but I know it was last-minute.  We had a blast during the engagement session and the wedding day was a blast as well.  Jamie loves photos and she really enjoys being in front of the camera.

The ceremony was at her parents house which is where everyone got ready.  The house was gorgeous and had plenty of rooms for everyone to hide in.  The flow of the wedding day was a little different from most weddings.  They had a small ceremony in the back yard for family and then just a couple of hours to mingle there at the house.  Which allowed us to do family photos and all the formals after the ceremony.  So after the ceremony we went inside for some light Hors d’oeuvres then out for some formals.  It was such a laid back relaxed session.  This is the first wedding that I didn’t feel like we needed to rush through things.  I had some wonderful places around the house to do formals.

What else can I tell you about.  Jamie has one cute and luck little dog.  Lucky in that I think all animals should be loved as much as that fella is.  He was sleeping on the bathroom counter when I got there and didn’t notice him till she said something.  He blended in.  Once he was awake she got him dressed in his little tux.  You knew he was a mommas boy though cause he would stand at her feet and bark until she picked him up.  So he was some good entertainment for the day.  He stood on the edge of the bed watching  as she got in her dress.

As Jamie walked down the aisle I noticed she kept smiling real big as she saw different family members.  At first I just thought it was just her own silly smile but as the ceremony went on I noticed she kept doing it.  I realized it was her way of keeping herself from tearing up. If it wasn’t it would surprise me.

After the ceremony and Hors d’oeuvre with the family the wedding party jumped in their limo and we were off to the reception at the Bauerhaus.  I told you I’ve been out there a lot this year.  Once we got there, after a short formal session outside the went in to greet their guests as they arrived at the reception.  Then they were announced in and the party got started.  Cory Ivy kept the house jumping all night long.  You can see some of the awesome dance photos from the party here.

On a side note:  This wedding was very laid back, not that most of my weddings aren’t, cause of the time between the ceremony and reception.  This is something I would love to see more of in our area.  It just allowed the couple to relax and enjoy their day, instead of feeling rushed through the whole thing.  Matter of fact all my weddings have been very laid back and relaxed because there has been plenty of time figured into the schedule for the day, not just the photos.  Several of my shoots this year have gone a good 12 to 15 hours and been worth it just to not feel pressured to be at any one place at a certain time.  Something to think about.




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