It’s that time of year again… Vegas Baby!


Well you know its almost spring when I stick my head out and do a blog post of my winter trips.  Its actually kinda cool.  I know last year when I did my post I had gone to New Orleans… Well, I got to go again this year for Imaging USA.  Its an interesting city but you don’t fell quite as safe as you do in Vegas.  The first night there, my buddy and I hot Bourbon Street and caught the end of what looked like two rival proms. Did run across a wedding convoy that would have made you think it was the Presidents daughter getting married.  Beautiful old limo with a police escort.  I need to shoot a wedding there at least once.  I did make it to the old graveyards also.  They look much bigger in the movies but then so does the French Quarter.

For those of you that have known me for awhile, know that I hate flying. Well this year I couldn’t find a travel buddy so I ended up flying out with my friend Tricia and her husband.  Let me start by say that the flight both was was actually really smooth.  Let me finish by saying, “I DON’T CARE… I HATE FLYING”  Once on the ground I was fine and quite happy.  I didn’t get out on the strip quite as much this year or at least it didn’t feel like it. I did get asked on my way to Mandalay Bay if I wanted some cocaine.  So it was a unique trip.  Anyway, as always, enjoy the images.

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