Im back!!! and I bring photos.

OK I never really went anywhere but I have been so busy with just busy work that I have really been a bad blogger this past month.  Ive had a few shoots just haven’t shown them off yet. Early August I did Daltons senior session.  We spent a couple hours running around downtown with his mom and girlfriend.  I got to laugh cause every time we did a pose he’d make them walk around the corner so they couldn’t watch. The real excitement was when we got to the old train bridge down on second street.  As we were walking up to the bridge I heard his mom say there was someone under the bridge.  Well long story short we, apparently, interrupted a couple under the bridge.  Ill leave it at that.  That to this date I think has to be the most interesting thing I’ve had happen during a session.


3415 Rodenberg Ave | Evansville Indiana | 47720