Fun Week

Well I was hoping to have this up sooner, but Im sure most of you are surprised Ive posted so close to the other post. I had my first wedding this past saturday in 4 months. My legs hurt so bad till about Wednesday.

Couldn’t have asked for a more laid back couple. It was a bit hot that day but I couldn’t have asked for better light. The only downfall is Susan wanted to do some Sunset photos since the reception was at the Pagota, but it was overcast. Other than that I think the day went very well.

Let see the rest of the weekend my cousin was putting a new roof on the house. So there was quite a bit going on around here which is why I didnt get this post up till today.

I also found out today that if you’re out riding a 4 wheeler and it starts to rain. eyah, rain hurts at anythng above 30 miles an hour. All these clouds been teasing us like its going to rain so I dicide to go for a short ride. Yeah it decides to actually rain while Im out. So it was a very short ride. Anyway, Im off to get ready for a wedding rehearsal tonight. So check back for more next week.

Im also making a few new changes to the website. Ill be adding a portrait section over the next few weeks. I have some senior photos on there now. I’ll be adding family, babies, maternaty, and as I get a chance.

Have a great weekend.

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