Evansville Wedding Photography | Dembek

On wedding days, one of my favorite things to do is to find out little details about the bride and groom. I always ask how the bride and groom met.  Of coarse the usual things are school, work, friends, bar, etc…  This answer was a first for me. Jenna and Eric meet at a White Sox game.  I immediately thought, what a cute way to meet and sent the romantic in me thinking of all the stars that must have aligned to get them there.

Jenna and Eric continued their romance in Chicago. As a matter if fact Eric proposed to Jenna on the lake with the Chicago sky line behind them.

Eric and Jenna exchanged their vows at Sts. Peter and Paul in Jenna’s home of Haubstadt and had a gorgeous reception at Bauerhaus. Where friends and family helped them celebrate their love.




Photographer | Vickers Photo

Dress | House of White

Venue | Bauerhaus

Rings | Jewels by Stelios

3415 Rodenberg Ave | Evansville Indiana | 47720