High School Sweethearts Tie the Knot

I didn’t get to meet Casey and Brandon until the Tuesday before their wedding.  I have to say they are the nicest couple.  The day of the wedding, you would have thought we’d known one another for quite awhile.  Everyone was just as warm and friendly as could be.

Casey and Brandon are from Washington Indiana and started dating when Casey was a Freshmen. From there they both went to college up at Ball State.  They both now live in Virginia near Washington DC.  They had Friends and family come from all over to share in their big day.  Aside from Indiana and Kentucky, there were guests from South Carolina, New Jersey, Maryland and as far as Colorado.

It was a warm Southern Indiana day.  I met the girls at Posh Salon for hair and make up then to Evansville Country Club for the ceremony and reception. Casey being a graphic designer, you could see the eye for detail.  Their location was beautiful.

One of my favorite parts of any wedding is when the bride and groom first see one another, whether it’s a first look or when she walks down the aisle.  This part of the day is always so emotional for everyone, mom’s, father of the bride, but it’s always extra special when you can clearly see it in the groom.  Guys usually try to hide it, but Brandon simply couldn’t hide how much in love with Casey, he was.  Those are always some of my favorite images of a day.

I want to wish Casey and Brandon and wonderful long life together and Thank you for letting me share in sure a special day with you and your family.


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