Cathryn and Will Evansville Country Club Reception

Well after Wednesday and Thursday this week Cathryn was worried that her wedding day was going to be cold and grey, but Friday things cleared up and carried over into Saturday quite nicely. The day was beautiful with perfect weather.
Their wedding was at St. Mary’s down town. This is the first wedding I’ve shot there. They’ve recently remodeled the church so there’s no more balcony which I think makes the church look even bigger. The reception was out at the Evansville Country Club. So needless to say I was in heaven as a photographer.
My day started off at about 12 noon at Head over Heelz with the girls getting their hair done. I also got to see an old friend that I worked with at Schnucks… Amanda. After that I took a short break for lunch, while the girls went home to do their make up, then went on to the church. Due to a tighter than normal schedule… tighter than normal because it was a 630 ceremony and we wanted to get to the country club in time to catch some of the sunset… Cathryn and Will decided to see each other before so we could do all the family photos before and leave immediately afterwards to go to the Country Club. Once the reception got started everything went wonderfully.














Curtis CopelandJune 22, 2009 - 2:10 pm

Great job. Nice photography. Thanks for sharing!

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