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Andrea & Dave Wedding | Evansville Wedding Photographer

This year I got to photograph Andrea and Dave’s wedding.  Ive been lucky enough to know Andrea since she was around 6-7 years old.  Im honestly not sure.  I worked with both of her parents in a different life.

Evansville Wedding Photographer – Mayer

Who says work is no fun. For Elizabeth and Nick, it’s what would ultimately bring them together. They met while working in Evansville’s Berry Plastics. I honestly don’t think I’ve attended a shorter ceremony. Wait, wait, I’m not saying it was a bad thing. It actually was quite sweet. These two were so eager to get…

Evansville Wedding Photographer – Amos

Jeanna & Glenn met while out with friends. They enjoy spending time with friends and socializing. The day began at Studio of Hair , then Corpus Christi for ceremony. To celebrate their union they decided to spend cocktail hour with the bridal party doing what they like most. They headed to the Gersthaus to raise a glass to the union…

Evansville Wedding Photographer | Militoni

Drving out of town to the first wedding of the season, I realized that St Mary’s Catholic Church in Mt Carmel, IL might be the church I have photographed the most weddings in thru the years. Jessie had made the comment that it was the church we had shot the most in our time toghether…

LeilaSeptember 7, 2015 - 7:26 am

I LOVE the jumping sirees . . .perfect! And wow, mom is stunning she looks like a celebrity and of course her little man is just so handsome! Great shots Monika!

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