Awaking from Hibernation

Well if there is anyone still visiting this blog now Id be completely amazed.  I know I haven’t posted much in November… ok I haven’t posted anything in November.  I have actually been doing stuff and have the pictures to prove it.  Right after my season ended last year things got kinda hectic… the first weekend in November my sister pass away quite unexpectedly, then the next weekend I went to New Orleans for AfterDark, which is a photographic education workshop, which was a blast.  Those of you that know me know how much I love my yearly trip to Vegas for the convention, well New Orleans is quite fun too and very interesting. In January, I attended Imaging USA in San Antonio, yes I found yet another convention and finally in late February, VEGAS BABY!

Other things that are happening… First thing you may have noticed when you got here is this is a new blog.  Not a major change but some new features.  The images are smaller, after some market testing the photo industry has learned that all of you our there don’t seem to have the same big 27″ and 30″ monitors that we photographers have… WHO KNEW. LOL  So the smaller images will help more people see the whole images that are on here.  It will also help the blog load faster.  The look is generally the same but this blog is iPad and Smart Phone friendly.  The header images are no longer flash based so you can see them on iPads and Smart phones.  Also at the bottom of each post there are three buttons to help any future brides find me easier.  The buttons will eventually link to areas of the new website I’m working on.  Yes the current website is going to be replaced.  We have had a long 5 year run together but with all the new smart phones it was time for a new that was also smart phone friendly.

Well I feel like I’ve been rather long winded here, actually for me I have been.  So please enjoy the images from my winter escapades and please come back, there will be more to come.

New Orleans.








San Antonio.

I didn’t really get out and see San Antonio much. Did go to some parties put on by my vendors but most of the images I shot there are on facebook.

Normally I try to stay at the hotel where the convention is but this time I stayed at a Hotel that was about a block away so I used this spire the first part of the week to find my way to the convention… well when it wasn’t foggy in the morning.






And Finally Vegas.

Got a few more images of my Vegas trip to show off cause once again I drove out there. Stopped to the the Petrified National Forest and some other interesting places along old Route 66.






This is my friend Sara spending her life savings on her new camera and some lenses. Too bad it was on Canon. Had to put that in there.


Sure out adventure on the strip one night we ran across a gallery that was showing Dale Chihuly exhibit and we were allowed to take phones.




There’s a new hotel in Vegas call Aria. Its more like a city within a city. The place is beyond huge. I think they have apartments as well as condos, aside from the hotel. They also have a shopping center of their own that has some very high end stores… Louis Vuitton and Prada to name a couple. Just going through the center I found some of there window displays very cool.



This was a lingerie store there and it was very cool. Yes, I went in. I know some of you were wondering. I didn’t take any images of the inside but it was a very luxurious atmosphere. It would also make you no longer cringe at Victoria Secrets prices. I saw a pair of underwear in their for, wait for it…. $140. Yes that’s US dollars.

This next few are just some of the street life. It was a little colder this year so the streets didn’t have the crowd like normal which made it less annoying for me.




Any guesses as to which part of this display everyone in Vegas touches. LOL


Every year while I’m in Vegas I stop and photograph the fountain at the Bellagio. I think this image has got to be my favorite of all of them. I feel like I’ve finally captured the true feeling of this fountain.

The rest of these images are from the trip home. The Petrified National Forest and some interesting places along old Route 66.






Well hope you’ve once again enjoyed the images from my trips this year. Next year I think we are going to leave a little earlier and do the Grand Canyon and some other cool places we found on our trip this year. There are more images form Vegas on my facebook page.

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