A Beautiful Baurerhaus Wedding

I’m sitting here thinking about how I met Amanda and Keith and to be totally honest I don’t remember how I met them or how they found me. Like a lot of my clients and friends, it just seems like they’ve always been around.  Have admit that’s what I like most about this business… is just how I have so many new friends and don’t really remember how it began.

Their wedding was the kick off for my long run this season.  We started in Lynnville at the salon then the girls all got ready at LeMerigot.  The limo picked them at took them to the Baurerhaus.  Amanda and Keith did their first view out on the field with the horses overlooking.  They had a wonderful out-door ceremony. It was a great day for it too.

So please enjoy the images below.


3415 Rodenberg Ave | Evansville Indiana | 47720